Deep Tissue Massage


Deep Tissue Massages are perfect for untangling knots and tension in any muscle group. Athletes often have a deep tissue massage before any punishing physical activity to ensure they maximize their performance. Reduce stress, alleviate muscle tension and improve your performance by booking a deep tissue massage today!

Please note that booking deep tissue massage therapy through our new platform is currently unavailable. If you would like to book a session, please contact us here.



Bespoke deep tissue massages from a trained professional are an essential part of every athlete’s routine. Having one the week before a marathon or sporting event has been proven to enhance your psychological readiness and performance. In addition to one-off spot checks, having regular massages as part of your exercise regimen helps your body work harder and improve faster.

Deep tissue massage does not directly manipulate muscle (soft tissue) like the sports massage we offer. Instead, they work on all of the layers of tissue that lay on top of the muscles. This allows them to specifically target smaller and looser knots and discomforts you might feel. This kind of massage is perfect for if you don’t have an injury, but you want to keep your body limber and supple.

Whether you have deep tissue massages in conjunction with our wider Injury Rehabilitation package or not, the benefits are clear:

  1. Effective at combating chronic pain and muscle tension, especially in the back area
  2. Helps to lower high blood pressure, with a 60 minute massage having produced a 10.8 beats per minute reduction in one study
  3. Eliminates stress and anxiety, which are some of the biggest threats to your overall wellness
  4. Supercharges athletic recovery with regular massages enhancing your focus and sports readiness


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