Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapy in Burgess Hill

to quickly fix strained muscles and aid injury recovery.

Sports massages are an essential part of every athlete's arsenal. When disaster strikes you suffer a muscle injury, a bespoke and highly targeted massage can soothe your muscle pain and put you on the road to recovery. At Strawberry Vibes we have the added benefit of being able to offer a comprehensive injury rehab treatment alongside our sports massages!

Sports massages are different from deep tissue massages in one key area. While deep tissue massages work on the tissue above the muscle to rectify small knots and tension, sports massages directly manipulate the soft tissue of the muscle. This can be necessary to help you recover from an injury, whereas deep tissue massages revolve more around maximizing your fitness potential.

Many fitness studios offer these massages but do not have therapists with the necessary specific medical knowledge to ensure they do not cause more damage to your body. Our therapists are fully qualified, having degree-level knowledge and experience at manipulating the muscle to fix posture problems and strains. Our specialist skills mean that you are in safe hands.

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