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Personal Training that's inclusive and made to measure.

Whether you're looking to maximize your workouts or need help increasing your abilities, we've got you covered.

At Strawberry Vibes we take pride in the fact that we are able help anyone achieve their fitness and weight loss goals, no matter how able bodied they are. Our integrated facilities allow everyone to experience a wide range of workout routines and equipment in each session. Our personal training sessions can easily incorporate elements of our Power Plate routines to work all muscle groups or focus on more free weight orientated activity. 

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Looking for a personal trainer that is experienced in training disabled people?

Ross at Strawberry Vibes is fully qualified to meet your needs.

Our personal trainers and facilities are fully equipped to provide personalized one on one sessions for people who have suffered injuries and/or have additional needs through a disability. We regularly help members with Cerebral Palsy and Thalidomide to become more active and fit. We also accommodate people with sports injuries as well as people who've had strokes.

We have Sue, showing Thalidomide who’s boss by training relentlessly to increase her fitness.

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