Injury Rehab

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Why we're different

At Strawberry Vibes, We specialise in diagnosing and treating any sports or work related injuries. We prides ourselves on reducing the number of sessions you need with a professional, by teaching you the tools to help fix yourself. This saves you money and reduces the likelihood of the same injury recurring. Strawberry Vibes provide comprehensive 24/7 aftercare via phone, face to face and online at no extra cost to you.

What to expect

  1. Full posture analysis to locate areas for improvement
  2. Diagnosis of the injury, identifying the real source of the pain
  3. Treatment of all muscle groups involved in the injury, easing the discomfort
  4. Create a tailored rehabilitation program to improve your fitness
  5. A full range of rehab equipment to help further your treatment from home.
  6. 24/7 helpline for advice after the session is complete

Full Sports Therapy Program

Do you want to lose weight quickly, but feel like you are held back by an existing injury or pain?

Ross, the owner of Strawberry Vibes, brings years of injury rehab expertise to the table. After successfully completing a degree in Sports Therapy (Health & Fitness), Ross formulated a program of exercises and therapies that treat injuries whilst improving your fitness levels.

At Strawberry Vibes, we are committed to your full fitness journey. You can exercise here to combine your injury rehabilitation with high intensity fat burning exercises. You can safely train with Ross’ expert supervision, confident that you are in the right hands whilst improving your fitness.

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