Injury Rehabilitation

Injury Rehabilitation

with a fully qualified therapist.

We have a long history of helping people with both routine and life changing muscular injuries to heal up, get back to normal and prevent it from happening again in the future. Whether it happened at home, work or while playing sport, our dedicated injury rehab specialist can diagnose and treat it.

Ross, the owner of Strawberry Vibes, brings years of injury rehab expertise to the table. After successfully completing a degree in Sports Therapy (Health & Fitness), Ross formulated a program of exercises and therapies that treat injuries whilst improving your fitness levels.

Our aim is to reduce the number of sessions you need at our clinic by teaching you the methods to fix yourself at home. We then provide you with all the tools and comprehensive support to return to fighting fitness. Armed with the knowledge of how to treat your sports injuries before they get too bad will save you money in the long run and reduces the likelihood of the same injury recurring.

We're totally committed to your full fitness journey. You can exercise here to combine your injury rehabilitation with high intensity fat burning exercises. You can safely train with Ross’ expert supervision, confident that you are in the right hands whilst improving your fitness.

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The treatment you'll receive

is personalized to your specific requirements.

As standard, you get a full posture analysis to locate areas for improvement. This leads to diagnosis of the injury, identifying the real source of the pain. Then we treat all muscle groups involved in the injury, easing the discomfort. Once the initial pain has dissipated, we'll work together to create a tailored rehabilitation program to improve your fitness moving forward. Don't worry about any of the equipment, we have full range of rehab equipment to help further your treatment from home. You're totally supported by a 24/7 hotline for advice after your initial session is complete.

We treat:

  1. Back pain (lower and upper back)
  2. Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain)
  3. Shoulder pain or stiffness
  4. Neck pain or stiffness
  5. Knee pain or stiffness
  6. Rotator cuff injuries
  7. Sciatica
  8. Hamstring tears
  9. Stiff necks
  10. Ankle sprains
  11. Tennis elbow
  12. ACL / MCL injuries

and much more!

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