Personal Training

One of our specialist Personal trainers will tailor the workouts to exactly what you need. You get more personal attention so you can achieve faster results. We offer 25 minute high intensity sessions to half the costs, but maximize results. At Strawberry Vibes you receive a combination of degree quality fitness knowledge and the latest technology to track your fitness goals.

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Injury Rehab

Ross Thornton has a degree in Sports Therapy (Health & Fitness) and over 10 years of experience working with hundreds of injuries, both sports and work related. He will diagnose, the problem and treat all in one session. He wont just look at where the pain is but find the root cause of the issue to stop it ever returning. He will also teach you how to fix the issue yourself. The Injury Rehab package comes with a full posture analysis to prevent other injuries occurring.

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Power Plate

Experience the benefits which the cutting edge Power Plate technology can have for you. There is a maximum of 4 people per class, meaning you get the full attention of one of our fully qualified Level 3 Personal trainers every session. Every session is different, to avoid boredom and hit every muscle in your body; the 25 minute sessions mean it is easy to fit in to your day. Ross has a degree in Health and Fitness, which covers nutrition, psychology and a full background into fitness.

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Laser Lipo

Target your stubborn fat and lose inches within just one session. Have an event coming up? Maximise your inch loss in the build up to it. Permanent inch loss with as little as one session. Works perfectly with the Power Plate sessions and the Infrared Sauna.

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