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All the Fitness and Rehab services we offer

at a price that's as affordable and transparent as possible. Too many other gyms and fitness centres hide behind confusing tariffs or lengthy contracts. We make it easy to get the sessions you want, without tying you in or overcharging you.

Power Plate
Burn fat, tone your body and achieve your fitness goals in half the time of regular exercises
a month for unlimited sessions

Includes a full nutrition plan and fitness tracking technology

Full support of fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer

Maximum of 4 people per class

Hard hitting 25 minute sessions can fit easily into your day

Every session is different to work every muscle in your body

Laser Lipo
Target stubborn fatty deposits with a Laser Lipo session, then burn them off fast in a class
per session

Target the fat you want to burn off, rather than just exercise and hope

Quick, none surgical and pain-free procedure

Fully trained and experienced clinician

Heavily discounted price to raise awareness of this method's benefits

Massively leverages the benefits gained from fitness classes and infrared sauna

Personal Training
Get the full package, with dedicated support both in and out of the gym
per session

Fully qualifed Level 3 Personal Trainers

Personalized experience that gets better every time we see you

Can be completely integrated with our Power Plate machines

Experienced at helping people with Thalidomide and Cerebral Palsy become more active

Can be paired with a tailored nutrition plan and home workouts

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You can find it here!
Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massages are perfect for untangling knots and tension in any muscle group.

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Sports Massage

Sports Massages are essential after a muscle injury to ensure a quick and full recovery

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