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I was born with four limb deficiency Thalidomide and started to go to Strawberry Vibes in December 2016. Since going I have made great improvements in both my weight, flexibility and stamina. 
I can't praise Ross (the owner) my trainer enough. He has pushed and made me work to the best of my ability and is always trying new exercises to be sure I am using all the different muscles. I have to spend most of my time in a wheelchair and the time I spend at Strawberry Vibes allows me to have the freedom to move around.
If you read this and still feel Strawberry Vibes might not be the place for you then I urge you to get in touch as it is a warm and welcoming place to improve your fitness. I was shy when I started but now feel really comfortable and could not have found a nicer trainer than Ross. 
Thanks Ross for all your support and encouragement.  


from our Facebook reviews
Strawberry vibes is a great place to work out. The trainers are fantastic and always come up with a variety of sessions. Each trainer knows me and how far they can push me to achieve my goals. There is a great atmosphere here which is encouraging and friendly. I'm completely hooked on the sessions and hate missing one, I love wearing my MyZone belt and seeing my heart rate and how many calories I've burnt each session. The flexibility of being able to book sessions on my phone and change them so quickly and easily is fab! The laser lipo which is also available is a great boost and helps shift inches in just one session from my personal experience! Ross and his team are fantastic, couldn't fault them!

Katy Long

Being overweight and feeling intimidated by gyms I went into Strawberry Vibes with an open mind. I was met by Ross the owner and a personal trainer! Not only did he discuss all my requirements and needs, any health questions I had but he made me feel so welcome! I was given a free session on the power plates on a 1-1 basis and could really feel the magic working! Ross is so knowledgeable and really helps you feel settled and works to get the best from your sessions. Ben the other trainer is amazing too and his classes are slightly different to Ross's but make you work out to your maximum ability. The staff are not only professional but really caring and Want to help you achieve the results you want. I have been going to Strawberry Vibes for 3 months and every class is different but enjoyable! I have seen massive improvements in fitness and body shape, Ross also does a diet plan for you which also helps ! Can't speak highly enough about this place, nobody judges you, classes are small and great atmosphere! Brilliant place

Barry King

From our Google reviews
I was diagnosed with MS in 2006 and after a particularly bad relapse I was left with some balance issues. Since then I have suffered from tumbles and unsteadiness. This has since impacted my confidence when it comes to exercising….That is until I contacted Ross at Strawberry Vibes UK. After explaining my background history, Ross encouraged me to book into a class and I have not looked back. Ben took care of me for my first appointment and I was told to do everything at my own pace and if there was something I just could not do then he soon came up with an alternative. Although I am slow and restricted with some of the exercises, it is about what I can do rather than what I cant do.
Ross is also advising me on diet and is supporting me through his 90 day detox plan. This support is priceless in staying focused and motivated. I wake up to a daily email asking me how I am and giving me advice and encouragement. And as if that were not enough, Ross recognised that I was suffering from headaches that were initially thought to be detox related. However, as they had been getting worse over time, Ross was curious it may be being caused by something else. VERY tense neck muscles apparently! but after 15 mins of manipulation of my neck and a few cracks of my back, I am off the pain killers and feel so much more comfortable and no headache. Ross’s passion and knowledge is infectious and I can not recommend him or Strawberry Vibes enough. Although early days, I feel that I finally have a way out of this negative dead end place that I have been and that with the support of Strawberry Vibes I can finally get to where I want to be.

Lynne Bailey

From our Facebook reviews

I've been going to Strawberry vibes for 2 years now and I have to say becoming a member here was the best thing I ever did! In 25minute Sessions you'll gain more than going into a gym for hours. I used to attend a gym and had no idea what I was doing with a lot of the equipment and not getting any results. Ross and his team ensure you get the maximum out of 25minutes and you'll walk out of there feeling great - all be it very achey! A great way to tone up and gain excellent fitness aswell as making friends and help with any aches or pains you may have Ross is always happy to help "Fix" them. And will always tailor the excercise to suit if you have an injury.
I cannot recommend strawberry vibes enough'

Chloe Turner

From our Google reviews

Wow wow wow is all I have to say about Strawberry Vibes and Ross and his fantastic Injury Rehab service. On 23/04/17 I ran and finished the 2017 London Marathon in 5hr 11mins with massive help from Ross. 4 weeks before I was struck down with good old runners knee and struggled to run 2 or 3 miles! One visit to Ross and I was diagnosed started treatment and was taught how to treat the injury myself and the results were great my knee is now the only part of my legs that don't hurt! What was great that Ross maintained an interest and checked how my Rehab was going! I have no hesitation in recommending Ross and Strawberry Vibes for any Injury Rehab the results speak for themselves! Thanks Ross for ensuring not only could I take part but complete the London Marathon!

John Perry

Great place to loose weight, increase your fitness and tone up! All the trainers are great and their styles vary which is good as you get varied workouts. I especially loved Ab Sunday and Ross's muscle burning sessions!????. Ross also provides a great sports massage facility for any niggles you may have. Highly recommended. ????

M Lyn

From our Google reviews

I was not sure this is for me but Ross offered a free session to try it out and even then advised to think about it before making a commitment. He was very enthusiastic and motivational and after joining for 3 weeks now don't regret it at all except for the work out ( Joking). Honestly it feels really good after every work out and you can go at your own pace. its not like a gym its more personal. Love it.


Many thanks to Ross, Ben and Gavin At Strawberry Vibes for their advice, food plans and working the shit out of me in training with Leanne as my sometimes training partner!

I have lost about 18 pounds, 4 inches off my waist line whilst gaining muscle mass and losing body fat! I'm in best shape I have been for many a year and feel healthier and happier in myself all in the space of just 4 weeks!

Now where's that beach! ✈️????????. Roll on Monday!

Phil Elkins

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