Fitness Classes

Book yourself into one of the 160 fitness classes we run weekly below! Prices start from just £10 or are free if you’re a member.

Have a busy schedule? No problem! Our fitness sessions are all 25 minutes long so they can slot into a busy day, but are really intense and use vibration plates to work out every muscle in your body.

To ensure you get the full attention of our Level 3 qualified personal trainers, your classes will never be with more than 4 people.

We take pride in never doing the same exercise routine twice, and our trainers love to mix up the workout so you (and your body) don’t get used to the same old fitness class.

Cutting edge heart rate monitoring technology is available for everybody. This is so you can see the results of each session and we can accurately map your progress and help you achieve your fitness goals!

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Showing the single result