Club Etiquette

To help maintain a friendly atmosphere at Strawberry Vibes, and create a respectful environment for all members, we politely request that the following etiquette be observed:

  • Please make sure you are booked in for the session you arrive for
  • Please ensure that no other person uses your membership without the permission of the Club Manager
  • Ensure your belongings are safe and valuables secure whilst you are training
  • Please take all your belongings with you when leaving the club
  • Please pay for all items at the time of purchase
  • In the case of an appointment cancellation, please give the club at least one day’s notice
  • Please book all sessions as far in advance as possible
  • Please be respectful when using the Power Plates, bring a towel and wipe off sweat
  • Please wear suitable clothing to each session, removing loose jewellery
  • Please co-operate fully with all staff in times of emergency situations
  • Ensure that you inform a member of staff immediately if you feel aggrieved or concerned with another members actions