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Neck injury rehab exercise video


Hey, a lot of you guys have been coming in and seeing me regarding the neck and shoulder issues you’ve been having. What we’re gonna do, we’re gonna do a whole program just using a lacrosse ball, so I’m gonna send you a link to a lacrosse ball for you to buy one, they’re about five, it will be the best investment that you make.

So, what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna start off with this lacrosse ball and we’re gonna work on the neck issues, and all we have to do is just push into the side of the neck at first and just small rolls. Don’t be quick, just small, slow rolls, finding those tight areas. Okay, you can easily come into a stretch, pulling your neck to the side whilst doing that. You’re gonna find some really nasty, really tight areas and I want you to stay on those and just push and roll over those tight points and keep coming into a stretch, just pull your head across and then into the side.

So once you’ve done the sides of the neck, you can start focusing on the back of the neck. Move side to sides, go right into those tight areas at the base of the spine, and just, yeah, spend some good time just rolling, no set time, but just spend at least a couple of minutes just getting those tight knotted bits out of your neck by pushing that lacrosse ball in, and that’s gonna really help loosen up the shoulders which put less pressure on your neck which is really gonna help with everything.

Next up, we’re gonna come down onto the upper back side of things. We’re gonna work our way all the way around the shoulder blade. So just come down onto the floor. What we’re gonna do, place that ball fairly low on the back at first, in between the spine and at the bottom of the shoulder blade. I just want you to apply as much weight into that as you can, so lean into it. Take some really good deep breaths and just melt into that ball. Really push your back into it, okay? We’re just gonna do small little side to side rolls, so just little wiggles of your shoulder, and that’s gonna help push all that tightness away right at the bottom of that shoulder blade. Now what you’re gonna find, there’s gonna be some areas that are tight, some areas that are nicer. If you’re in a rush, just focus on those tighter areas, but while I do, I want you to spend some time focusing on all the points because it’s gonna really, really help you out.

So after two minutes of little rolls there, just roll the ball literally just a couple of centimeters up, still in between the spine and the shoulder blade. Might be a little bit tighter there, it certainly is on me. Just little side to sides again. Nice deep breathing. Still, near the bottom of that shoulder blade. Spend two minutes there. After another couple of side to sides, move up so you get right into the middle of the shoulder blade and the spine. Again, if you can lift your head up during these, it’s gonna be a little bit more pressure. If not you’re not there yet, we’ll build up to that. Some little side to sides. Just trying to roll all of that tightness out, finding those trigger points. So if you can stay on those trigger points, you’re gonna help loosen up. When you start getting into the middle part of the shoulder blade, start doing some arm movements up and down, and that’s gonna contract and relax those back muscles whilst you’re on a trigger point, which is fantastic for sending a signal to the brain to just help loosen up. So you can come across and out wide. Just do what you need to to get the most out of having the ball into that point.

Again, another couple of minutes on that area, move up slightly, you’re gonna start coming near to the top of the shoulder blade, really give yourself a hug and some good side to sides, that’s really tight for me, so I’d maybe spend some more time on here. Again, those arm movements in, up, and down, even some circles, no set rules. Just do what feels like it’s working, like it’s contracting those back muscles.

Okay, move it up again. As you start coming nearer the shoulder, you’re gonna start to really struggle to really put pressure into those areas, so once this starts coming a bit higher, you’re just gonna lift your shoulders up and push your feet in and then your driving force is going into that ball, and once again, some little wiggle side to side to help release that tension and then some arm movements. Spend a couple of minutes there and then moving right up, so we’re right up to the top of the shoulder now. And there’s really tight knots in there, so do focus again, lifting the hips up, driving your weight in, couple of minutes of some good arm movements in that area right there.

So, that’s some important time you’re gonna be spending round that shoulder blade area, we’re then gonna come onto the shoulder blade, so it’s right here, right on the outside. It’s called our lats and it’s a really sticky point, one of the nastiest trigger points, so you know when you’re on it, you put as much weight onto there as you can, roll onto your side, and I just want you to push your arm in and then out, in and out. And if you’re finding you can’t reach the ground, just use your other arm to help. And that is really uncomfortable, but that’s fantastic for loosening up everything around that shoulder blade region. Don’t worry if you get some referred pain down into the shoulder and down the arm, it’s not a bad thing, it’s just helping out release all those nerves that are getting trapped in that lat there. So again, spend a couple of minutes just doing those arm movements right there.

The lower back and the glutes were tight, so we’re gonna use that lacrosse ball to roll out the glutes. So have a sit on your ball, put as much weight as you can, and then some big circles at first, putting as much weight into the ball as you possibly can, and then you start mapping out where the tight areas are. So you find ’em, mine’s about there. Just spend a couple of minutes on those tighter areas, just little circles, rolling over that knot, and that’s gonna really help release your glutes. When you can release these glutes, it’s gonna put less pressure on your lower back.

So, a couple of stretches I want you to do, too. And these are stretches you can do anywhere. You’re sitting down watching TV, get in this stretch. If you’re sitting down anywhere, get in this stretch. So I want you to do two minutes per leg. You’re gonna come into a figure four position, you’re just gonna ease forward, so lean forward, towards the foot, towards the knee, just find out what works, where’s the tightest area. When you’re on it, spend some time camping out in that area. A good couple of minutes, okay? Squeezing your bum muscles tight for a few seconds and then releasing. Squeeze tight and then release. Just keep doing that for a couple of minutes whilst leaning forward. That’s gonna help release the posterior aspects of your hip.

Next up, I’m gonna come into a hip flex stretch. So you’re gonna release the front of the hip. Big step forward. Come down. Pushing your hip into the ground. Squeeze this bum muscle as tight as you can, and again, just two minutes, stretching out that area, just releasing the front of that hip is gonna do you wonders because it’s gonna put less pressure on your back. So what happens is when the hip flexors are tight, it does push back into this kind of arch position because your pelvis tilts forward. By releasing it here, you’re gonna have a lovely arch in the spine which is gonna put less pressure in the back, which is gonna really, really work for you. So, give all those exercises a try. If there’s any questions you have, get back in touch with me.

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How to fix stiff necks and headaches | Strawberry Vibes

Cure neck pain with this quick and easy exercise

Welcome to the 1st blog on the new Strawberry Vibes website. Here is a video tutorial on how to cure your headaches with trigger point therapy.

If you suffer from tension headaches and tight shoulders/neck muscles, do this once every evening to avoid having to seek professional advice.


Hello. Today I’m gonna teach you how to fix headaches, tight shoulders, tight neck, general posture by using a lacrosse ball across our shoulders and neck. What we’re gonna start off…we’re gonna start off by placing the ball right between the shoulder blade and the spine. We’re just gonna have a lay down.

So, we’re on the right spot, fairly along that shoulder blade. Put as much weight through that ball as you can and then just begin to breathe, and breathing’s so important today, just to help break up all those knots around the shoulders and upper back.

I just want you to spend a couple of minutes on that one area, just deep breathing. Every time you breathe out, just try and relax into that ball. So if you do have some tightness in this upper back region, you will find this uncomfortable. Worst thing you could do is tense up and fight against it, just try and relax into it, and keep that breathing coming.

Really breathe in through the lungs and out. So after a couple of minutes of deep breathing, that pain should have started to drop. Just then go into giving yourself a big hug and just start to do some side to side rolls. Keep your head on the floor and just save your neck from working. And those side to side rolls are just gonna help break up all those nasty tightness around the spine area.

Just a couple of minutes then focus on deep breathing, just nice little side to side rolls of the shoulders to help that ball move across the muscles by the spine to help break up all those knots.

So after a couple of minutes on that area, we’re just gonna slide ourselves down just a couple of inches and do the same again. So hands down, two minutes of deep breathing, just let that pain drop. Once the pain’s dropped down to about 5 outta 10, give yourself a big hug, then the side to sides just to help break up and realigning those muscle fibers to help them get longer and prevent any pain.

You’re then gonna do another slide up, do the same tricks, deep breathing, side to sides until finally you roll up and you come up onto the top of the shoulder, okay? When you’re on top of the shoulder, you’re not gonna be able to get enough pressure into that ball just by lying there, so we’re gonna have to lift our hips up, drive through the heels, push all your weight into the ball, pry that tightness out.

And again, when you’ve got enough pressure on there that it’s uncomfortable but not heavy enough to make yourself cry, just discomfort, just take some breaths in there, and out, for a couple of minutes, really driving your force into the ball and then a couple of minutes, your arm coming up and down, okay? After a couple of minutes of that, the pain should’ve gone down, you freestyle those arm movements, there’s no set rules, just get to the point that works, so I found out and it’s right about there. Just stay there for a good minute or so until that pain’s subsided, okay?

So, now we’ve worked cross the whole of the shoulder blade, all the way around up to the top of the shoulders to really break that up. Next up, we’re gonna work on the shoulder blade itself, so you’re gonna have to lie on your side for this. Takes some getting used to to find it, but when you are on the right point, right underneath the shoulder blade there, you know you’re on it, so you get quite a sharp discomfort there, then we’re just gonna focus on some internal and external rotation, okay?

So moving the arm backs and forwards. If you’re not getting that discomfort, just have a little roll around, ah, there I am, so you find that trigger point and you’re just gonna help easy the arm down towards the floor and back, help ease the arm down. We just spend a couple of minutes of deep breathing and rocking the arm backwards and forwards until that pain subsides, okay? The reason we’re on that point, that’s really linked to tight necks. A lot of people forget to treat this area, but once we can release any tension, these rotator cuffs, everything in the neck’s gonna loosen up as well and that will help put less pressure on your head, causing less tension on your legs.

So, next up, going around the floor will take some time, we can do that every evening until your headaches, until the neck stiffness stops. Basically, you can take this ball around with you anywhere you like, so…I’ve one by my office desk if I’m feeling particularly tired. Once I push the ball into the side of the neck, it will just start cleaning up those tight areas with some self-massage. So really grip hard, push inside, clean it up, there’s no rules here again, find your tight areas. Everyone’s gonna be slightly different. Get right up into the top of the neck and just roll that ball around, very good, making sure you do that for both sides.

So that’ll take you about 15 minutes each day. Do it everyday until your headaches and your stiff necks stops and then when it has stopped, just once a week, and that’ll keep all that tension at bay, okay? Thank you very much.