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Belinda’s Hip Rehabilitation


Hi Belinda, thanks for coming and seeing me regarding your hip issue. The good thing we found out was that it’s really fixable and that you shouldn’t have to just believe that you’re meant to be in pain all the time. That is not what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna attack this head-on. And this rehab program’s really about loosening of the glutes and engaging those glutes to allow your body to get those feet straight, okay, get your posture right, and then also loosening off all those tight fibers in the side of that leg which are causing that hip to get tight because that’s where they attach.

So, first of all what we’re gonna do, you said you have a cricket ball, so imagine this is a cricket ball. What we’re gonna do, we’re gonna focus on rolling out those glute muscles, okay? So we’re gonna sit on the ball, put as much weight into there as possible, okay, and really lean into the ball. Then you’re just gonna start doing some circles round, being as heavy as you can on that ball as possible. Okay, so big circles. And this is just mapping out where it’s particularly tight. Okay, so big circles, you’re then going to find the tightest area, the most uncomfortable area. Stay on there, and just let your body just melt into that ball, so go heavier and heavier and heavier, okay, and then just smaller rolls over that.

All right, so I want you to spend a good two to five minutes rolling out your glutes. This part is really important because as we found out, your glutes weren’t fiery [SP] quite as much on this side, which means that you’re very thigh dominant. The reason for that was the tightness in the muscle, it wasn’t allowing it to contract during your exercises. So if you can loosen it off, you’re gonna be much better, more efficient when you’re exercising, okay?

So after a couple of minutes on the ball, what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna come to the foam roller. I’m gonna send you a link to the foam roller, as well as the link to the insoles of your feet so they can help realign you. And here’s what we’re gonna do when you do get that foam roller, okay? So, start off with the quadriceps, we’re gonna lie flat on the floor, put as much weight into that leg as possible. What you’re then gonna do, I want you to roll from side to side over and over again. Just get as much range as you can coming from side to side, and as much weight into it as possible. Good, now spend a couple of minutes there. I just want you to spend a couple of minutes bending and straightening your knee. What this is gonna do, it’s gonna apply some pressure into that muscle. Then when you can contract it with that pressure on, just send a trigger to your mind to just help relax, and it’s gonna help break up all those knotty tight muscle fibers that you had attached into that IT band. Okay, after a couple of minutes there, just slide it up so you’re gonna work right into the middle of the thigh and do the same thing, right out to the sides, side to sides, don’t rush it. Take your time, put as much weight into the leg as you can. Spend two minutes side to sides, and then again, two minutes bending your knee and straightening your knee. Now that is uncomfortable, but it has to be uncomfortable, it is gonna help loosen off all those muscle tissues.

So what you’re gonna find after loosening all that off, what we’re finding is that your foot was just pointing out. What you’re gonna find if we can loosen all that out, it’s gonna allow you to come into a much straighter position. When your posture’s gonna be straighter, it’s gonna have less pressure on that hip, and that’s gonna do you really, really good.

So apart from all the rolling, we’re gonna run for a couple of stretches as well. Both of these can be done on your sofa at home, sitting in a seat, whenever you can. If you’re sitting down for more than two minutes, I want you to be doing these stretches. So first one is a figure four stretch. So you’re going to bring your foot over, just ease the knee down, okay, and just spend some time leaning forward towards the foot, lean towards the knee, and just spend some good time stretching out.

The more you can lean forward, the better. And when you’re in this position, squeeze your bum muscles really tight. If you can engage those glutes while just stretching them, and you’re gonna get a better stretch out of it. So squeeze your bum muscles about three seconds and then release, and then squeeze them again all whilst leaning forward. And spend a good couple of minutes just stretching out this, and that’s gonna stretch the posterior part of your hip.

We’re then gonna stretch the out the anterior and the front of it. I’m gonna show you this one side, so you can do this off the edge of your sofa as well. You’re gonna kneel down, big step forward, then gonna push your hip as low into the ground as you can. And then, again, squeeze your bum muscle as tight as possible. And the tighter you can squeeze that, the better. And then release. Then squeeze and then release. And that is really gonna lengthen off the front aspect of that.

If you’re flexible enough, grab the leg, okay, or prop it up to the back of the sofa. And then you can do the same thing, you’re gonna get better stretch that way. Okay, and just squeeze the bum muscles and then relax. If you can’t do that straight away, we’ll build up to it, all right? The most important thing is that you’re pushing that hip as low into the ground as you possibly can.

So, give those exercises a go, I want you to be doing that every day until that hip is pain-free, and then when it is pain-free, we can do it three times a week. Just keeping on top of it so it never comes back. I want you to train [SP] the heart whilst you’re doing this. If there’s any problems, you get back in touch with me. Thanks, Belinda.