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How to fix stiff necks and headaches | Strawberry Vibes

Cure neck pain with this quick and easy exercise

Welcome to the 1st blog on the new Strawberry Vibes website. Here is a video tutorial on how to cure your headaches with trigger point therapy.

If you suffer from tension headaches and tight shoulders/neck muscles, do this once every evening to avoid having to seek professional advice.


Hello. Today I’m gonna teach you how to fix headaches, tight shoulders, tight neck, general posture by using a lacrosse ball across our shoulders and neck. What we’re gonna start off…we’re gonna start off by placing the ball right between the shoulder blade and the spine. We’re just gonna have a lay down.

So, we’re on the right spot, fairly along that shoulder blade. Put as much weight through that ball as you can and then just begin to breathe, and breathing’s so important today, just to help break up all those knots around the shoulders and upper back.

I just want you to spend a couple of minutes on that one area, just deep breathing. Every time you breathe out, just try and relax into that ball. So if you do have some tightness in this upper back region, you will find this uncomfortable. Worst thing you could do is tense up and fight against it, just try and relax into it, and keep that breathing coming.

Really breathe in through the lungs and out. So after a couple of minutes of deep breathing, that pain should have started to drop. Just then go into giving yourself a big hug and just start to do some side to side rolls. Keep your head on the floor and just save your neck from working. And those side to side rolls are just gonna help break up all those nasty tightness around the spine area.

Just a couple of minutes then focus on deep breathing, just nice little side to side rolls of the shoulders to help that ball move across the muscles by the spine to help break up all those knots.

So after a couple of minutes on that area, we’re just gonna slide ourselves down just a couple of inches and do the same again. So hands down, two minutes of deep breathing, just let that pain drop. Once the pain’s dropped down to about 5 outta 10, give yourself a big hug, then the side to sides just to help break up and realigning those muscle fibers to help them get longer and prevent any pain.

You’re then gonna do another slide up, do the same tricks, deep breathing, side to sides until finally you roll up and you come up onto the top of the shoulder, okay? When you’re on top of the shoulder, you’re not gonna be able to get enough pressure into that ball just by lying there, so we’re gonna have to lift our hips up, drive through the heels, push all your weight into the ball, pry that tightness out.

And again, when you’ve got enough pressure on there that it’s uncomfortable but not heavy enough to make yourself cry, just discomfort, just take some breaths in there, and out, for a couple of minutes, really driving your force into the ball and then a couple of minutes, your arm coming up and down, okay? After a couple of minutes of that, the pain should’ve gone down, you freestyle those arm movements, there’s no set rules, just get to the point that works, so I found out and it’s right about there. Just stay there for a good minute or so until that pain’s subsided, okay?

So, now we’ve worked cross the whole of the shoulder blade, all the way around up to the top of the shoulders to really break that up. Next up, we’re gonna work on the shoulder blade itself, so you’re gonna have to lie on your side for this. Takes some getting used to to find it, but when you are on the right point, right underneath the shoulder blade there, you know you’re on it, so you get quite a sharp discomfort there, then we’re just gonna focus on some internal and external rotation, okay?

So moving the arm backs and forwards. If you’re not getting that discomfort, just have a little roll around, ah, there I am, so you find that trigger point and you’re just gonna help easy the arm down towards the floor and back, help ease the arm down. We just spend a couple of minutes of deep breathing and rocking the arm backwards and forwards until that pain subsides, okay? The reason we’re on that point, that’s really linked to tight necks. A lot of people forget to treat this area, but once we can release any tension, these rotator cuffs, everything in the neck’s gonna loosen up as well and that will help put less pressure on your head, causing less tension on your legs.

So, next up, going around the floor will take some time, we can do that every evening until your headaches, until the neck stiffness stops. Basically, you can take this ball around with you anywhere you like, so…I’ve one by my office desk if I’m feeling particularly tired. Once I push the ball into the side of the neck, it will just start cleaning up those tight areas with some self-massage. So really grip hard, push inside, clean it up, there’s no rules here again, find your tight areas. Everyone’s gonna be slightly different. Get right up into the top of the neck and just roll that ball around, very good, making sure you do that for both sides.

So that’ll take you about 15 minutes each day. Do it everyday until your headaches and your stiff necks stops and then when it has stopped, just once a week, and that’ll keep all that tension at bay, okay? Thank you very much.

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