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Heights Health Club have been hung out to dry by the Martlets re-development and we want to help.

We were devastated to read in the Mid Sussex Times last week that Heights Health Club is desperately in need of a new home. That’s because they’ve been given till just the end of February to relocate to make way for the new Martlets re-development.

The team here at Strawberry Vibes want to take this chance to publicly show solidarity with Heights Health in this time of upheaval for them. Our concerns are particularly for the members of Heights who may not have anywhere to exercise during the relocation. If Heights has to temporarily close, a lot of people won’t have anywhere to keep fit, and this is unacceptable to us.

All our research over the years has concluded that a lapse in any fitness routine can break habits which took so much time and effort to create. We don’t want the progress you’ve made on your fitness journey to come undone, so we’d like to offer all Heights Health members a discounted membership to Strawberry Vibes.

With it, you can take advantage of unlimited free fitness classes (fully bookable online), exclusive access to our members’ forum and a tailored diet plan.

To take advantage of this, head to our Standard Membership page and tap ‘sign up now’. When prompted to enter a coupon, use ‘HEIGHTS20‘ in all caps to get your first month 20% off! There are no long-term contracts so you aren’t locked-in, and can carry on exercising despite the best efforts of the council!

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