About us

Ross Thornton

Hi there! I'm Ross Thornton.

I'm a founder and trainer at Strawberry Vibes in Burgess Hill. It's a fitness studio, sports injury clinic and a weight loss club all rolled into one.

I'm so glad we've found each other, as I believe we share things in common. We both lead busy lives and want to pay monthly for unlimited exercise classes that fit around us. We're fed up with regular gyms that rely on inflexible facilities and long contracts to tie us into paying for things we don't need.

We both want peace of mind that if we pick up a sports injury or are suffering mobility issues of any kind, your personal trainer is equipped to help you.

We both want a de-mystified method of losing weight and keeping it lost, with diet plans and even cutting edge Laser Lipo available in one place!

This is why I started Strawberry Vibes to be Sussex's only complete fitness destination. We're incredibly proud of our little community of regular people who want to be happier and healthier while continuing to juggle all of Life's other demands.

My primary concern is making sure every Strawberry Vibes member is fully supported, and we're always looking into new ways of bundling together more services to help you save time and money. Our standard membership is just the beginning. In the works, are two more membership tiers that take the progress you can take on your fitness journey to the next level.

My Journey

Becoming qualified

In 2009 I received a Second Upper Class Degree in Health & Fitness (Sports Therapy) from The University of Kent. During my studies I placed particular emphasis on learning how to help people with special needs and requirements makes their lives easier.

My first business

In 2010, while working as the Member Relations & Operations Manager at Nuuyuu Fitness in East Grinstead, I started my first proper injury therapy business. This was spurred on by a voracious demand from members for treatment of the various muscle strains and mobility issues they'd encounter while exercising. 

Creating something unique

In 2012, having taken everything I learned from my time as a single service provider, I realized there was an opportunity to really help people achieve their fitness goals. The main crux of this new venture, Strawberry Vibes, was choosing a different path from regular gyms who cannot escape the piecemeal, inflexible approach to fitness.

I wanted to open a studio that offered exercise classes, injury rehab, weight loss programmes and specialist personal training. I also saw the need to fully integrate cutting-edge technology into everything we do. That is why you can book sessions and choose the right membership, right from your phone.

A core tenet of our Strawberry Vibes creed is ensuring everyone can have access to a fully qualified personal trainer at an affordable price cost. We do this by putting people with similar fitness goals into groups of no more than four. The supportive, nurturing and friendly competitive atmosphere in these groups helps everyone to achieve more, without ever feeling intimidated or pressured.

Finally, the pièce de résistance at Strawberry Vibes has to be our focus on revolutionary Power Plate exercise platforms for all our classes. They activate every area of your body to facilitate an intense workout in half the time. To keep track of your own progress through each session, we use MyZone heart rate monitoring belts to paint a complete picture of your capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

The Strawberry Vibes ethos is simple. Train well, eat well, and sustain amazing results whilst training for less time.

Meet our team of trainers

It was obvious that Strawberry Vibes was meeting a need that lots of regular people who led busy lives had. So far, we've helped over 1,500 members achieve big and small fitness goals. In order to cater for increasing demand, some of best personal trainers Sussex has to offer have joined forces with me under the Strawberry Vibes banner to offer our members an enormous depth of knowledge and expertise.

Ross Thornton standing by a Power Plate machine in Strawberry Vibes

Ross Thornton

Owner , Personal Trainer & Injury Therapist
Ross founded Strawberry Vibes in 2012. He has a bachelor's degree in Health & Fitness (Sports Therapy).
Amanda Hyatt

Amanda Hyatt

Personal Trainer
Master Trainer REPS 3. St John's Ambulance First Aid certified. Kickboxing Black Belt. Specialties include: Fitness for weight loss and health / fitness for the over 30s
Ben Morris

Ben Morris

Personal Trainer
Ben became a PT after breaking his shoulder and going through rehab at Strawberry Vibes. He has completed a mile of Burpees frog jumps and proposed to his fiance at the finish line of the Brighton Marathon. His qualifications include Level 2 Fitness, Level 3 Personal Trainer as well as Advanced Sports Nutrition TRX. His favorite quote is "when you feel like quitting, think why you started".

Gavin O'Mally-Richardson

Personal Trainer

Frequently asked questions

We're working to identify and answer frequently asked questions in this section. If you can find what you're looking for, please get in touch and we'll answer any questions you might have.


What should i bring to each session?

Bring a bottle of water so you can stay hydrated and a sweat towel – Check with the trainer if you do not have these with you.

What should i wear to each session?

Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, allow a full range of motion, don't restrict movement and allow the skin to breathe.

Don’t worry about buying and wearing fancy new trainers; we train in our socks here. This means you work on the muscles in your feet and ankles to increase balance.

How can i prepare myself?

Please arrive early for every appointment. If you are unable to attend an appointment, please give us as much notice as possible so we can offer the space to others.

Arrive to every appointment with a positive frame of mind, ready to give the session your all.

Always follow the advice of trainers and advice and commit to 3-4 power plate sessions a week and the diet plan in order to get the most out of your membership.


Do you offer Pilates or Yoga classes?

No, we don't currently offer any Pilates or Yoga classes. If you're looking for an experienced instructor, we recommend Sara Goodwin, who serves the Maresfield and Uckfield area in East Sussex. She runs beginner, journeyman and advanced Yoga / Pilates classes with different routines each day.

Club Etiquette

To help maintain a friendly atmosphere and create a respectful environment for all members, we politely request that the following etiquette is observed:

  1. Please make sure you are booked in for the session you arrive for
  2. Please ensure that no other person uses your membership without the permission of the Club Manager
  3. Ensure your belongings are safe and valuables secure whilst you are training
  4. Please take all your belongings with you when leaving the club
  5. Please pay for all items at the time of purchase
  6. In the case of an appointment cancellation, please give the club at least one day’s notice
  7. Please book all sessions as far in advance as possible
  8. Please be respectful when using the Power Plates, bring a towel and wipe off sweat
  9. Please wear suitable clothing to each session, removing loose jewellery
  10. Please co-operate fully with all staff in times of emergency situations
  11. Ensure that you inform a member of staff immediately if you feel aggrieved or concerned with another members actions