About us

Who are we?

Strawberry Vibes was founded by Ross Thornton in 2012, when he bought the shop at 17 Station Road in Burgess Hill and renovated it to a high standard. However, that is not when the Strawberry Vibes story truly began. For that, we need to go back much earlier.

After achieving a Bachelors degree in Health & Fitness, Ross became general manager of a busy gym. He did this while also running his own successful Injury Rehab business. Despite helping a lot of people in his current role, he couldn't help but think that something was missing.

Ross understood that gym goers across Sussex were dissatisfied with the piecemeal, greedy practices of regular gyms. They wanted a place that put a complete package of fitness classes, nutrition advice and weight loss programmes together, with amazing service, at a low price.

He combined this with a unique ability to ensure everyone could have a personal trainer at a much lower cost; he achieved this by putting people with similar fitness goals into groups of no more than 4 and splitting the costs.

Lastly, he created a supportive and nurturing atmosphere, backed up by an active community of Strawberry Vibes members. This was to ensure that nobody would ever feel intimidated, no matter where they were on their fitness journey.

Ross plotted and planned the perfect configuration of cutting edge Power Plate equipment for his new premises. He teamed this with the latest in MyZone heart rate monitoring belts which accurately track each member's progress through the sessions.

It was through this unique proposition that Strawberry Vibes, and more importantly the Strawberry Vibes Way, was born!

The Strawberry Vibes ethos is simple. Train well, eat well, and sustain amazing results whilst training for less time.

What do we do?

This philosophy prompted the expansion into offering many more services, becoming the “one stop shop” for Burgess Hill residents to look and feel great. Services include: 


The popularity of Strawberry Vibes grew quickly and Ross has trained over 1500 people in the last 5 years. With a welcoming approach and a desire to deliver the best after care, Ross needed to expand his team of qualified Personal Trainers to 4. You can find out more about the Strawberry Vibes team here.

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