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Strawberry Vibes

Strawberry Vibes is Burgess Hill's complete Personal Training, Injury Rehab and Power Plate destination! We're a next generation fitness gym for people leading busy lives. Only have 25 minutes a day? No problem! Our specialist trainers can tailor your workouts to fit your schedule.

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What makes Strawberry Vibes different?

  1. We aren't a regular Gym. Strawberry Vibes is the most exhilarating, energizing, motivating fitness studio Burgess Hill has to offer. You no longer have to battle with your fitness alone; each class is led by a qualified personal trainer who has your fitness goals firmly in mind. So get fit, and stay fit with our Power Plate classes and have fun whilst doing it.
  2. We have over 160 classes every week. Six personal trainers will jump, push, pull and twist you to the best shape of your life, aided by the best fitness tracking technology in the industry. There will always be a class running that you can jump into, at any time of day; your membership at Strawberry Vibes means you can try any of them!
  3. We aren’t just a place to exercise. Aside from our industry leading fitness classes, we offer specialist sports injury rehabilitation advice from a fully qualified Sports Therapist. There are cutting edge Laser Lipo programs to target where you burn your fat and an infrared sauna to maximize your detox. To complete the package, here at Strawberry Vibes we take pride in our 90 day tailored diet plans; centering around the foods you like so losing weight doesn’t have to be a drag.
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Guaranteed results

Simply follow the advice and instruction of our fully qualified team and your success is assured. Those who have joined Strawberry Vibes have experienced some fantastic results in as little as 4 weeks, and we guarantee you will do or we will refund you all your money back. You can begin your 4 week guaranteed fitness improvement journey today by claiming your free session now!

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